Welcome to Understanding The Technique

Here I will offer my perspective on various aspects of the technique used in Standard (and sometimes Latin) Ballroom Dancing. Sometimes this will be my understanding of the language that is used to describe the technique in written form (such as in the ISTD manuals). Sometimes it will be things garnered from my own experience as a dancer, competitor and teacher of Standard Ballroom for over 35 years. Much of the foundational information is applicable to all of the ballroom forms (Standard, Latin, Smooth and Rhythm). Others will be specific to a particular form.

In general I will

  1. Introduce a topic

  2. Identify and define specific language related to that topic

  3. Isolate and examine in detail the specific physical manifestation which that language is intended to convey (i.e. create a target or goal)

  4. Determine the movement in the body needed to create that specific physical manifestation (i.e. how to achieve the goal)

  5. Place the technique in context (i.e. where and how in various figures is that technique used)

Your thoughts are welcome, but I do not intend this to be a place for active debate, but rather a place where I can offer MY thoughts on various topics related to ballroom dancing, with a particular emphasis on HOW TO, based on a clear understanding of the technique.

In time, I hope to be able to offer short video segments to help demonstrate the various aspects of the technique that I discuss.

Please feel free to suggest topics and ask questions. I will do my best to respond to your inquiries in a timely fashion.


Richard Lamberty